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specializing in stakeholder engagement, strategic navigation and public values thinking...

Our Services


Designing and Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in Visioning, Strategic Planning and Navigation

Leading & Governing Associates offers a tailored mix of services to its clients.
These include:

Workshops and Conference Presentations which provide participants with practical knowledge and skills:
  • Addressing Complex Community Issues: Leading from Behind to Help Your Community Move Ahead
  • Navigating the Future: Thinking, Planning, and Acting Strategically
  • Shaping a Healthy Community: Achieving the "Public" in Public Health
  • The Public Purposes of Public Schools: Visions and Values of Public Education in our Democratic Republic
  • From Campaigning to Governing: The Art and Science of Public Decision Making
  • Starting with Visions and Values When Imagining the Future
  • Practical Ethical Decision Making for Public Life
  • Improving Public Schools: Success Starts with Engagement
  • Policy Leadership for Mayors and Council Members! Public Values, Choices, and Decisions

Policy Navigation and Strategic Facilitation which help boards, councils, and commissions crystallize their purpose, frame goals, address governance issues, and engage their publics: 
  • Craven County Schools Community Engagement, Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • A Vision for Public Education in Alamance County
  • Orange County Schools (NC) Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Initiative
  • N.C. Smart Start Board Governance and Strategic Planning Initiatives 
  • Blue Ribbon Committee on the Future of Wake County
  • The Special Transit Advisory Commission’s Regional Transit Vision Plan
  • Research Triangle Regional Reality Check’s Regional Visioning Exercise
  • Charlotte City Council Policy Leadership Retreat
  • N.C. Association of County Commissioners Strategic Goals Initiative

Governance Education, Training, and Writing which help public officials disseminate knowledge, ideas, and capacity throughout their organizations and jurisdictions: 
  • Preserving the Public in Public Schools: Visions, Values, Conflicts, and Choices, by Phil Boyle and Del Burns, 2012
  • Local Officials, Regional Leaders: A Strategic LeaderShop for Navigating Regional Challenges, N.C. Local Elected Leaders Academy
  • Ethical Decision Making Training for Local Government Planning and Zoning Officials and Staff, Municipal Association of South Carolina
  • “Rebuilding a Public for Public Schools,” Pennsylvania School Boards Association,  PSBA Bulletin, 2005
  • “Effective Council Meetings: Using Public Values to Guide Board Decisions,” International City/County Management Association, IQ Report, 2005
  • “From Strategic Planning to Visioning: Tools for Navigating the Future,” International City/County Management Association, Public Management, 2001